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As I stated in my earlier post, it all matters where you live and where you go. You may not know anyone that has been a victim and I am happy for you.

I know of plenty victims including myself. I have a cousin that was shot with a 12 gauge shotgun while trying to sell his car. I have another cousin that was car jacked at gunpoint. I know a guy that was shot and killed over a parking spot. Know a guy that was beaten and robbed in front of a 7-11.
That's my whole point.

It goes back to the post to which I was originally responding, wherein the poster said that if you go through life not paying attention "you WILL be a victim".

It's nonsense.

We can go back and forth about who knows how many for the next 100 years.

Point is, even if the 80% number is correct, you still have a 20% chance of NOT being a victim.

I think the 80% is ridiculously high, but even if it's not, 80% is a long way from a guarantee.

That's the point. Most people WILL NOT be victims, whether or not they pay attention to anything.

Statements like "you WILL be" robbed, a victim, whatever, are just silly.
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