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Tactical sling

Hey guys.

Looking for a tactical sling for my S&W M&P 15

I'm thinking of getting the specter SOP for a side mounted front swivel. Since my front swivel is bottom mounted I'm also looking at the ultimate arms side swivel adapter that mounts on the barrel at the front sight post.

I picked the side mounted version because it looks like a cleaner attachment and doesn't obstruct use of the fore end.

Do you guys have any advice or opinions on tactical slings and the specter?

Am I going in the right direction with the side mount swivel or should I just bet a bottom mount version.

I've only had an AR for a few months so I'm pretty much a newb. Intended use of the sling is SHTF scenario and maybe 3-gun or IDPA rifle side matches.

Rifle had standard GI iron sights and I plan on leaving it that way.

Thanks in advance,

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