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If you could name 50, how many people do you know, and what percentage would it be?

It can't possibly even approach 40% of people you know, say nothing of the 0 out of how ever many I know.

I'm not saying there is no violence. I'm saying it doesn't remotely approach a number of even 40%, say nothing of 80% of people.

There's no possible way.

I've never known anyone who was carjacked, or attempted. In fact, I don't recall have ever seen a report of such on the news anywhere in the area.

I've never known anyone who suffered a home-invasion, or again heard of it happening anywhere around here, that wasn't directly drug related.

I know quite a few police officers and, while they spend an inordinate amount of their time dealing directly with violence, they also spend almost all of that time in about a 2 block radius in the city and in the same mobile home parks in the country. (I'm not being derogatory, that's where it happens around here.) In other words, it's the same people, over and over and over again.
There might be 500 instances of domestic assault or other fights in our one city of about 15,000 people in one year, but it's the same 50 people doing it, over and over again.
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