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Brian, if we do that...

I've had a knife pulled on me by a road rager, once. I didn't leave my car; he realized that he had not seen, and had run, a stop sign, and put the knife away with the most sheepish grin... but still, he had pulled a knife to make a point, before he got a clue. (I did not shoot him with the .357 I had out of his sight line, below the car window. Worked out well for both of us. He never knew, but that's just fine.)

I've intervened in what I thought was a mugging, only to have it turn out to be domestic assault in public between a homeless couple.

My ex intervened in a domestic assault at a public beach, and ended up stalked by the aggressor and a friend of his. (Guns and dogs are good.)

My best friend had to draw a .357 to fend off carjackers in Orlando.

A squadronmate killed a would-be carjacker at an I-10 rest stop in Louisiana.

A former flight student of mine was murdered in a random drive by shooting near Whidbey Island, by three losers who wanted to see what shooting a random stranger would be like.

I could go on, and actually quite a bit; most events would not be in the home, but some would. Point is, though, that in all cases a decent, law-abiding person who had not gone anywhere unseemly - the homeless domestic I mistook for a mugging took place in front of the Federal Building in downtown Orlando, where I was going for a meeting with US Navy officer recruiters at the time - had crime thrust upon him or her.

So, while you don't know any, I know many. The averages may not be so skewed as you propose.
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