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Originally Posted by MLeake
Brian, maybe I just have a talent for finding them, but I'd estimate that 3/5 to 2/3 of the women I've dated over the years had at least one incident of molestation as kids or sexual assault or date rape as adults, at least if their stories were to be believed.
Even if we accept those numbers, the results would be TERRIBLY misleading for the purposes of this type of discussion.

What happened to you when you were 5 really has no bearing on the odds of the guy at the door being an attacker or the concept that going through life unprepared WILL result in your being a victim.

Just like we can take the "80 year" life-span and calculate the odds based on the 0.38% rate.

It's really not relevent, since a fair number of those years are totally outside the concept of self defense.

The numbers would have to be broken down in a way that we could remove the instances of molestation and other things that happen to children. As terrible as they are, there's really no bearing on the day to day danger presented to a typical adult. We'd also have to remove drug dealer, gang violence and similar happenings that aren't real dangers to law-abiding citizens.
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