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ok now I'll bite. back before the federal protection of wolves we had here in idaho, washington, montana and wyoming, our own little gray wolf. it was a lone hunter and very rarely ever formed packs. it rarely got above 80 pounds and was usually leery of humans. but we brought sheep which were an easy source of food and farmers killed them without hesitation to protect their livestock. this caused the indigenous gray wolf to be hunted nearly to extinction. then big government decided that we needed more gray wolves when it was obvious that the remaining coyotes were ineffective at weeding out the diseased animals that were starting to pop up everywhere so they decided that any gray wolf would do, they brought a bunch of McKenzie valley gray wolves from Canada and strangely enough a 120 pound wolf with a non existent mortality rate(due to adaptation to a harsher environment) that hunts in packs is actually proving to be detrimental to the local deer, elk, moose, and live stock populations.

oh and by the way, the indigenous wolves that were making a comeback with federal protection were finally listed as extinct after the canadian wolves killed them off. this is why I will always have a wolf tag in my pocket and why my state is allowing up to 10 wolf tags per year, per individual.
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