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Okay, so... the guide rod works perfectly. However, the gun still doesn't eject. Maybe it wasn't the guide rod after all. Picture is blurry, but... at this point, I'm stumped. Could it be the internal mechanism that determines whether the round has been shot or not? I don't know. Really hate the idea of giving up on this project but I don't know what else it could be.

Question though, wouldn't welding the guide rod to the extractor require the piece be re-annealed and re-hardened? Won't that change the dimensions of the piece enough to be a problem with gun operation? I don't know whether this is mild steel or tool steel. I', hoping it is tool steel but I can't say for sure because it feels a little soft when I touch it with a rasp. I am a trained blacksmith but my abilities with welding usually require taking two pieces of metal, heating them in a forge, fluxing and smashing with a hammer. Not the kind of stuff I can do on a guide rod and extractor. I HAVE an oxy-acetylene set up but, as I said, not good at it. Weld a table together? Sure. Weld 5/64th metal together and expect it to work in a gun? A bit beyond my skill set right now.

Also, have been trying to track down an extractor but Numrich's has none.
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