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Irish B, I live in Black Forest still in the trees @ 7670ft elevation and we get some the Palmer Divide weather and we got light snow now.

I use to shoot the one shot matches at the quarry east of you off Hwy 24 till the county got in contest with owner as they wanted him to apply for permit as rifle range. He let the sheriff dept and WP police use the quarry besides the match he held 1 day each month and we never paid any fees etc to shoot the match.

We get little of everything here and we'll get some of the Greenland elk herd down this far and we got wild turkey south of me on a school section. You guys got more lion that's for sure.

At one time I had figures on how much DOW paid out per year livestock kill by predators here which are lion/bear only if prove they did the killing. Most of it's done by lions after they pay then they hire trappers to kill the lion. All the crop damage by wildlife payment plus predator payment come out of DOW funds. Most western state have some sort of payment to ranchers for loss of livestock.
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