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Great little press and congrats. I have loaded over 500 pistol rounds on mine this week. But here are a couple of things I learned the hard way

keep it clean, when you add powder make sure you blow off or vacuum any spillage. If you feel any resistance other than what is normal on the resizing or seating the primer on the stroke stop what you are doing and check to find the cause of the binding. There is a designed in weak link acts like a fuse in a electrical circuit, in case of a bind that is forced the drive hub will break before other more expensive parts do.

A couple of things to look for if you feel binding -

- single grain of powder in the primer seating punch will cause the punch to set a tad high which will bind the primer slide. Forcing it in that situation can break the slide or the drive hub.

- not seating the primer fully will cause the shell plate to bind

- if the shellplate screw is loose it will bind

practice just sizing and priming a hundred cases to develop a feel for seating the primers. After a few dozen you will just know when that primer is not seated correctly. Putting powder into a unprimed case will cause all sorts of issues. An hour spent practicing seating primers is time well spent.

The powder throw works wonderfully on ball or flake powder. 231 measures + or minus .1 grain at the outside and most throws seem to be dead on. Tac works well also. However do not trust it on stick powder, I tried it on RL10 and found it will throw off by a full grain or more.

take your time when loading at first, it is not a race and as far as I know no Guiness record for number of rounds turned out in a hour. As you become more familiar the speed will come naturally
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