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Berry's 100gr HBRN over N320 is my ideal load. Both my guns (Bersa 83 and Sig P238) favor 3.2gr at .977oal

95gr LRN (hardcast, 18BHN) over 2.9gr N320 at .977 is also very good in both of those guns

I load both of these my the 1000s using range brass, sorted by headstamp. I do love my .380s

N320 is expensive compared to Bullseye or HP38/W231 (which I also use) but considering you get 2300 rounds out of a pound the extra cost is well worth it for the gains in cleanliness and felt recoil. My testing showed slightly better accuracy than HP38/W231 as well.

Depending on your bullet costs, you can expect to reload for around $6 for a box of 50, +/- 50 cents.

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