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Why hunt Wolves?

It was asked on my Wolf hunt progress thread why anyone would want to hunt wolves.
I will start out with my reason for applying.
Back before the federal protection was put on wolves they were regarded as vermin. Man had done everything he could to eradicate the wolf from this continent, if not this planet.
I as a young hunter was thrilled with the possibility of shooting a wolf and my hunting party did so every year or so and it was regarded as a great accomplishment to do so.
I felt cheated when the protection was put on wolves when there was no reason and I submit to anyone that the modern day hunter/trapper has nothing over the hunter/trapper from the past century's that pursued the Wolfe and was unable to eliminate them from the deep forest areas. Yes they were removed from the prairie and the high population areas of this country but I was raised in northern MN and they were not scares.
So to get a chance to once again hunt the most elusive animal in the forest is a wonderful thing IMO.
Who said a wolf cannot be eaten? What makes a bear more pallet able than a wolf. I have eaten bobcat, people eat snakes, why not a wolf?
The pelt is valuable, of course one wolf pelt isn't going to make anyone rich but I want a rug.
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