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Hello Fishbed77,,,

You are probably correct about his nationality,,,
I haven't researched it at all.

But here's what it says on the last page of the manual:

Born in America
Now Made in America
Actually, the Luger is as American as apple pie. It was
originally designed by an American, Hugo Borchardt. who
tried to market it in the United States. No sale. So. being
enterprising, he sold the idea to a German firm where
George Luger came up with the Luger design as we know
it. Stoeger popularized this model in America! And now thanks
to modern engineering and manufacturing methods
- it says "Made in America" on the Luger. Some of the
features we've shown above just don't exist on other sidearms.
Luger's reputation as the most accurate and reliable
sporter around is no accident. Police departments have
realized that and many are now using the Luger as a training

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