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Should have done this earlier but wasn't aware of this thread when I joined. Then it seemed odd to do it after I've been here so long. So I'll do it now at the 1000 mark (better late than never ). I'm 50 and loving it (ok, not really, but you get used to the aches and pains right?). Never really got into hunting but I love guns and the shooting sports. I like rifles ... I like pistols better. Scopes are ok, but I prefer shooting with iron sights. They provide a challenge at shorter ranges. I love revolvers, they're awesome and nostalgic but I still don't own one myself. Some new shiny auto is always waiting in front of it. I really like the all metal, hammer fired designs. They are a work of art. Probably the engineer in me that admires them so much. I'm an electrical engineer and design hardware and embedded software. I have 3 hobbies I love, Electronics, cars, and guns. I spend all day with electronics, and cars are too big and expensive to have many of, so guns are my free time passion. I'm also a married guy with 3 kids. My wonderful wife accepts my hobby and all my boys like to shoot too. Doing my best to personally put more people on our side. . (and working hard to sway my nieces and nephews)
I'm also a Scout Master for a Boy Scout Troop. Not really by choice but by need. Some one had to do it or my sons troop would have folded. I'm not really a dot the I's and cross the T's person but we do enough to meet the requirements so the boys can advance and then we try to offer other activities that most troops don't do. The shooting sports is one of those things. We spend quite a bit of time teaching both youth and adults firearms safety, a bit about guns, and some shooting skills. We have a number of members that are working on their NRA marksmanship awards and doing well . Today's youth are tomorrows 2nd Amendment defenders. I'm just on here looking for tips, sharing what I know where I can, and looking to meet a few friends who share the same interests. My favorite guns are the 92FS and my old Marlin 882ss .22 Magnum rifle.
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