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Tough one - again depending on nuance of the criteria:
- What I have - Win 94 Pre 64 .30-30

- What I don't - ca late 90's-early 00's Win 70 Featherweight Classic .270 or 7mm-08. Lifelong .270 fan, might try 7mm-08 just to be different with a similarly capable classic round and love the idea of the combo of short action with the Featherweight format. Pre Classic XTR (80's) in same a close second. As nice as the current FN's are, I love the iconic XTR and Classic "thin red pad" guns Ultimately, Classic's CRF or push feed XTR, don't care too much. Frankly, at this stage in my life, picking from a random pile--well, rack--of them the one with the nicest wood would come home with me. No stainless or plastic stock'd bolts for me (though I admit to affection for my current one of the latter--a box store "package" gun - push feed Win 70 .270 that's a tack driver I don't have to worry about "hurting")

- What I really won't let loose of: tie - Pre War Win 1894 SRC .30WCF ca 1917 and Browning 1886 SRC. The '94 would probably "win" out as it reeks/suggestive of history, has an interesting history (with me, unremarkable to most others) and is a better "walkabout" gun, as our friends in Koalaland would say, but the "86 is a sweetie.

You asked for "one"?!
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