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Guess I went through a cycle of processing my own or not processing.

Many years ago, I had my deer processed. Then did them myself for several years. For the last 12-13 yrs. my neighbor(retired butcher and 35yr friend) has done them for me. He's getting to the point he can't do it anymore so I'm gearing up to start my own again.

It's kinda a touchy situation with the neighbor as he enjoys doing the butchering. He's 78 and according to his wife, his hands ache very badly(arthritis/gout), especially after a butchering session. Naturally, he's never said a word to me...hard headed German.
If I want to find out how he's REALLY doing I have to talk to her.

I've been thinking the last couple season's of how to go about having him not do them anymore without hurting his feelings, making him feel useless or making him mad.

I'm thinking of getting set up and telling him I'm wanting to learn to do my own but I need his expertise butchering knowledge and maybe getting him to come here in an instructional/teaching capacity only.
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