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No skin off my back Bart, I'll spend my money elsewhere. As we both say, I had a bad experience 3X over.

BTW, you aren't giving me anything if it worked it would be paid for at Retail Price, if it didn't then you'd get it back in much the same physical condition it arrived in, only the internals, which is where I had issues would be broken. Maybe it could be put back out as Refurbished.

Oh and I've had a truck that I bought in '97 and was complete lemon, Chevy ended up giving me my money back. Had to fight for it but I got it back. And I do believe that there are a few companies that have offered a basic month or two test drive along the same lines as my challenge in order to prove the worth of the product they tout, Chevy did that one too I believe.

Again, I offer my opinion from MY experiences. I spend my money elsewhere, to each his/her own. I'm a careful consumer that finds the product with the best reputation and offering the features and construction to last at a decent value. Cars/Trucks: Ford and Toyota, Outboards & Boats: Yamaha & Pioneer, Fishing Reels: Avet and Shimano, Tires: Michelin and a lot of other examples. Its what is great about having the choices we do, if I don't like something based on a bad experience, someone else has another product to take its place.

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