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Yes, I usually use the "sling shot" method just didn't know what it was called. I try the slide stop once or twice at the range just to make sure it works.

I live in Illinois and I guess that throws out my threaded barrel idea! Especially in Chicago, nothing is legal. Not really, but now I can register and keep my handguns legaly in my house and transport to range, but still no way at all to carry. You could not even keep in your house before a few years ago.

Anyway will be moving my main residence to my property in MI in time, so then should not be an issue there.

BTW, just took apart the slide assembly completely for first time. Now I know why I love Glocks. I'll get a punch and do the trigger assembly next. It really helps to know exactly what the "trigger safety lock spring" etc. is and to hold it and see how it fits in. Everyone should do this.
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