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Mr. Quentin2 sez..,

You hear that a lot from Colt bashers but I've found my Colt M4 .22lr and my buddy's S&W M&P15-22 are about the same in accuracy and reliability as long as you use the ammo they like.

accuracy and reliability are not my concern as much as the general design, e.g., loosening the flash hider to clean it ?? come on man !! that is pure stupidity in design.

why i do NOT like the Colt/Umarex...!

Verify gun is ON SAFE.

- Insert EMPTY magazine and retract charging handle so that bolt assembly remains in open position.

- Remove magazine.

- Visually inspect to verify that no ammo remains anywhere in the rifle.

- Loosen compensator only two revolutions

- Remove rear receiver pin so that upper receiver pivots upward

- Thoroughly clean the bolt assembly area with a brush and cloth (aerosol gun scrubber works great) to remove powder residue and debris.

- Clean the barrel with bore solvent utilizing a flexible cleaning rod inserted trough breech end of barrel (where bullet seats).

NOTE: cleaning the barrel from the muzzle end requires a bore brush that does NOT exceed 1-inch in the length. using a brush
exceeding this length will result in the brush being lodged in the breech area.

this is just one of my concerns for a quality rifle. the Colt/Umarex is NOT a quality rifle in design or function.........., it is JUNK !! once more just my OPINION
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