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There is no reason for a personal attack.

Chill out and be respectful. I chose to respect how others conduct business. That doesn't make me a liar or a complainer.

Again, I appreciate your POV ... it doesn't mean I have to share it.
No personal attack. By your own statements, you have stated that you don't comprehend and because you don't, you have made accusations of the deals being shady. You have also expressed having a double standard for pricing, but don't think others should do that. If they do it, they are shady. If you do it, it is appropriate.

Since you won't provide an actual example of what you are talking about, we have no way of knowing what you are basing your accusasations.

You seem so worried about being given more for a trade-in without ever considering if the object being sold is being sold for a fair price. If the object beind sold is being sold for a fair price, why would you complain about being offered more for a trade-in? Either way, the seller has posted a cash price for which he wants to sell his item. He is willing to accept X cash or offer somebody incentive if they can provide him with a gun he wants. The option for the bonus % for a trade-in is still GOOD BUSINESS.

Maybe you are fearful that the selling might make too much on the deal somehow? Exactly how is it that the seller is being shady. The prices are stated. Either you take the deal or you don't. There is NOTHING dishonest in what the seller is doing, but that is exactly what you are implying when you are saying that you think what they are doing is shady.

Since you say you don't share my opinion, how about explaining exactly how it is that the deal is shady. What actual indications do you have that the seller is doing something wrong? The parameters are stated up front.
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