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The Regina is one of many Spanish knockoffs of Browning designs and a box of .25ACP would probably be enough to let you say you had shot it and also to give you an idea of the power and accuracy (or lack) in the little guns.

The Browning is a first class light service pistol of its day. It might be either a .32 ACP or a .380 (7.65 Browning, 9mm Browning Short in Eurospeak.)

It looks like the autos were let to rust and then cleaned up with coarse sandpaper. This pretty much wiped out the resale value.

The revolver is definitely Spanish, looks like an Orbea Hermanos from the grip medallion and frame logo. That is one of the better Spanish knockoffs of S&W. Will a S&W .32 hand ejector mainspring fit? I dunno, it might fit or be possible to modify, nothing to do but try. But don't sink a lot of money into it.
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