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Bart, I offered my opinion on your products as well as others that I felt gave better performance for the same money. Nothing more, if you cannot take criticism from someone then you should consider a career change

Furthermore, if you insist on rehashing this and bringing it back in to a public forum, in June or July I issued a challenge that if you supplied me with a scope of my choosing and and it didn't break and worked in my hunting conditions during my normal application and hunting season I would A) Buy it at retail price and B) Publicly rescind any negative comments I had about Nikon. If it broke you would admit that Nikon made an inferior product to most other manufacturers. You declined the challenge and made excuses that Nikon wouldn't allow you to do that, which pretty much to me is an admission in and of itself.

I will continue to offer my opinion of Nikon's line whenever asked, just like the 10 others that have positive responses. As it stands IMHO Nikon Glass sucks. Want to change it, then take the Pepsi challenge.
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