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Originally Posted by Double Naught Spy View Post
Yeah, city boys are all just liberals.

Your claim of geographic causeastion is wanting.
There's not much doubt that the "liberalism" is heavily concentrated in cities.

Take a look at the county by county maps of most any state. Virtually all rural areas vote more conservative while virtually all cities vote more liberal.

There's no question that the anti-gun sentiment is highly concentrated in and around cities. It's certainly not restricted to those places but its much, much stronger there.


Costas has doubled/tripled down on his nonsense too. He was on O'reilly last night. What's really amazing is that he thinks his "explanations" sound better than his first statement. All he does is say the same thing, often worse, in 5 different ways, like if he just says it right we'll agree with him. "Fundamentally wrong" hasn't occurred to him.

The anti-gunners are coming out of the wood work. Fox News had some blonde chic on yesterday saying that she grew up in a house with guns and was taught to defend herself with guns but they "never had automatics or semi-automatics", Which obviously makes little sense. She finally mentioned revolvers and the other guy pointed out that many/most revolvers are in fact "semi-auto". She just stammered about 6 shots and whatnot. The guy, or another segment, I forget which, finally said "Yeah, that would have been much better! He would have shot his GF 6 times instead of 9!"

I'm annoyed that I've seen no mention from those on the pro-gun side that the situation might have been different if the GF had been armed. Possibly not, as there are plenty of issues related to that too, not the least of which is shooting someone you "love", but it couldn't really have been worse.
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