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Salty, You've made your personal message very clear. You don't like Nikon product's. Understood. You know I've tried to help you out in the past as well as do whatever I can to get information regarding Nikon product's to the guy's with question's. I certainly understand that not every scope is going to be for everyone. Forum's like this help us gather information to make an informed decision about how we want to spend our hard earned dollars. We ask question's hoping to receive relevant concise answers.
I say, take the pertinent information from this site and go someplace you can look down a few tubes, I understand a store isn't the optimal place to evaluate a scope, but at least you'll have a good idea of what the reticle looks like, eye relief and other scope features. Then, like buying a car, pick the scope that you feel will perform the best for your requirements.
As always, drop me a note if I can help provide you with any info on Nikon scopes.
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