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LTC444, thank you for your post. Are you saying it will take three hours for LE to reach your residence? That seems like a very long time. Also, use the home phone..not the cellphone because a home phone gives them the residence address immediately even if it is a hangup. you can say emergency, home invasion...that way you don't get stuck holding the bag talking to them. Many panicked, phonecallers are killed while talking. I am not suggesting you are one of them, just that cellphones cause added issues: just one neing you must stay on the phone to at least give the address you are at taking more time(they also may times have worse connections). they can also call back which is a tipoff to intruders. Lastly I didn't use quotes from your last, descriptive post(and again I appreciated the thought you put into it plus can appreciate your points), the saferoom often has many escape route. Our saferoom has a window that can go directly onto a roof, but there are others as well if it had to be done(2nd story bathroom window as unwanted example). A shotgun blast to that doorway would take out everything in the vicinity of the hallway....not so much down the stairs in no man's land.

For a second time I must point out that someone in a saferoom isn't cowering down or huddled with his family scared. ltc444 didn't say this but it was mentioned. I believe there are more sfaeroom believers on this thread that may have moved on. Anyways, I am trying to stay out of the melee here, but I wanted to add this post.

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