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You seem even more confused. How about instead of making up bogus examples that you actually provide some real proof of your believed shady deals. You say you fear the people may be members here. You have nothing to fear by that. If that is the case, they have made offers on a public venue and so they have nothing to hide. That YOU think the deal is shady is your opinion, but contrary to your belief, it is a common, established, often used business practice. You have nothing to fear by posting a link that you don't understand. That you keep flipflopping around in your descriptions does not help. You need to provide actual examples about which you have expressed a lack of comprehension.

Otherwise, you just appear to be complaining about imaginary things and they are imaginary because you won't cite any real examples.
There is no reason for a personal attack.

Chill out and be respectful. I chose to respect how others conduct business. That doesn't make me a liar or a complainer.

Again, I appreciate your POV ... it doesn't mean I have to share it.

People who inflate to trade are looking for the PT Barnum kind of buyer...
Exactly ...
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