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Horse tradin and hagglin... He is thinking, "Did you come here to buy?"... and/or conversely, You're thinking, "Did he come here to sell?"

For some people, that's the thing. Horse tradin... Screwing, er, I mean, selling to someone for profit. For others, a good deal is a good deal and both parties win. Used is used. New is new but might be used. What I want is what I want and I know how much that is worth to me. YMMV. As does the seller/trader.

People who inflate to trade are looking for the PT Barnum kind of buyer... and those kind of people are out there. Know the value of the thing, or things as it were (yours and his) have cash ready and of course be ready to walk away with a smile on your face from unscrupulous types.

The age old phrase "Caveat Emptor" rings true for a reason, be it horses, antiques or firearms. Such is life.
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