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Did that stock come on it? It's absolutely beautiful. I saw in the description of service grade rifles that some will come with new stocks and some will come with used stocks with cracks, chips and gouges. I suppose if I got one with a really bad stock I could get a new one for around $150.
Yes - that stock came on it from the CMP.

Note the yellow tag I posted that came on the rifle to note grade and muzzle/throat wear, as well as the CMP cartouche above the trigger guard. I did give it a few coats of pure tung oil prior to taking those photos. The stock actually looked great right out of the box (the nice green hard case the CMP sends with all Garands that is included in the price), but was a little "dry" and I wanted to give it some protection.

Some Service Grades will come with USGI stocks, some come with new CMP birch, and some come with new CMP walnut. Obviously, the USGI stocks carry more history with them, and may have highly desirable cartouches and other markings. None of them will be in bad shape on a Service Grade rifle - but they may have some character.

That said, the new CMP stocks (especially the walnut ones) are beautiful in their own right.

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