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Not everyone from a big city is anti-gun, but there is little doubt that the anti-gun, big city mindset affects people. I grew up in Brooklyn, NY where total gun control was the norm. Although some of us hunted, handgun ownership was unheard of in my family and circle of friends. I didn't buy a handgun until I was a young adult who was living in El Paso, Texas and wanted one for home defense because I worked about every 8th night and had a young wife who then was home alone. But to this day, almost fifty years later, all of my family that still lives in the NYC area do not own guns, don't understand why I, or anyone else owns a gun, and I know that my nephews and nieces look at me as their "crazy" uncle who not only was an Army careerist but who owns and carries guns. Despite the obvious failure of gun control laws to reduce violent crime, despite the laws which leave law abiding individuals helpless against armed criminals, and despite tragedies where it is obvious that had citizens been armed the mayhem would have been reduced, these relatives still adhere to the Mayor Bloomberg approach and spout the nonsense that what we need is even more stringent gun control laws. I long ago gave up the effort to try to change their minds. Bob Costas is just another one of these folks who believe this anti-gun crap and are proud of these beliefs. Just move on.
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