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CZ only makes ONE all-steel compact. It's the 75B Compact (capital "C").

I've had several. Nice gun, allowing cocked and locked carry (but, because of that, no decocker.) Like the decocker models, it can also safely start from the half-cock notch, which shortens the trigger pull. (the safety doesn't work when the hammer is on the half-cock notch.)

Its a solid, compact gun, but it's noticeably heavier than the alloy-framed compacts that CZ makes. If you like decockers, or want something less heavy, look at the CZ 75B PCR or P-01. Any of them should be equally durable, and all will work in the same holsters.

Later added comment: MLeake's following comment about P-01s fitting other CZ (compact) holsters is correct -- I overlooked the P-01's accessory rail and longer dust cover which will make it very (or too) snug in some CZ holsters. Leather might stretch, but the harder hollster might be a problem.

If you are comfortable carrying the steel Compact, you would be well-served carrying the full-size 75B, as there is no real BIG difference in size or weight between the two. The alloy-framed models, on the other hand, are noticeably lighter, and over a day's time, the difference matters if you're not carrying in a duty rig.

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