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He is of course a threat, but until and unless he actually decides to cause mayhem, I would not want to consider him a target,
You, of course, are free to make that assessment. I consider someone who has already broken in my home as an immediate dangerous threat. He/they could be after my TV, or my Wife or Granddaughter, or one of my Sons. I am not gonna discuss his intentions with him/them.

Outside my home, I will try and avoid a confrontation if at all possible, Inside, no such "benefit of doubt" exists.

Cover, concealment, moving, active...several contradictions there.
Not contradictions, Options. I can use them all to My advantage, especially inside my home. I know the layout, the BG(s) likely won't. (If they are intimate enough to know the layout, they also likely know they have entered a very "gun friendly" environment as well, that makes them even more dangerous in my mind)

Can you cite any recognized experts who recommend anything other than a saferoom strategy for home defense?
I cited Dwight55 and 481. A combat veteran, and a veteran LEO. I think either qualify as "experts" in the areas of defense and (equally important) offense. Are they "recognized"? I have no idea if either has been published in an authentic article or book But, They have both survived more dangerous situations than the average Joe, and can offer "first hand" advice, I personally hold that in equally high regard.

Also, you keep using the word "saferoom" There is a huge difference in a Saferoom and an ordinary Bedroom like the ones found in the average stick house, consult your experts on this subject.
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