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Yeah, I'll join the group and say it was more balanced than I thought it would be.

The video with Joh Rauch of 'Pink Pistols' was worth watching too.

I think the guy is basically saying in a lot of words a concept that should start every debate about guns.

To the anti-gun folk, you are granted the point that with no guns there would be no 'gun violence'.
To the pro-gun folk, you are granted the point that there is no way to get rid of guns.

In my mind's eye I see at every gun/anti-gun debate the gun folk would grudgingly admit the the first point and the anti-gun folk would hear the second point and go 'but...but...but' and then become very confused and huddle up amongst themselves and try to refute the point and come up with ways to do it that would be very similar to a law repealing the law of gravity or a law making pi (3.14...) just 3. (Wouldn't that make so many calculations so much easier?)
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