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off topic... but here are a couple of my range...

thread on my range... here

BTW... talked to my retired machinist buddy, & he has a 7 Mag, that he wants to sell, & told me he'd sell me the 444 Marlin bolt action if I wanted it... so if I sell the Remington 600 in 6mm Remington, I'd have room for the 7 Mag, the 35 Whelen the LGS has, & the 444 Marlin... I think that will give me a well rounded bolt action "library"... another buddy was forced to sell his 7 Mag rifle many years ago, & still has a bunch of empty cases & a few handloads ( he's had a few handload "issues" in the past, so I'd likely pull the bullets, & dump the powder, but I could help him out, & get some extra cases )... my buddy with the rifle, likes to sell the dies & cases he has as a package, when he sells a rifle, so I'd get the 7 Mag dies, & a few more cases... the 444 I already load for, for a specialized Contender barrel, but again I'd get the dies that I could dedicate for this rifle & more cases with that rifle... just would leave me looking for 35 Whelen stuff

that would make my list look more like this...

17 Mach 2
17 Fireball
22 Hornet ( fast twist )
7 X 57
7 mm Magnum
338 Win Mag
35 Whelen
375 H&H
.416 Rigby
444 Marlin
53 caliber

That looks better...
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