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Someone Actually Told Me This Once..Your Thoughts?

As a teenager in the mid-1980s, I recall having a conversation with an older guy at my workplace about guns. He told me that, in a pinch, it would be possible to fire a centerfire bullet [rifle or handgun] by taping it to the muzzle of a BB gun, primer against the muzzle, and then let the BB hit the primer of the cartridge. He said that this was a "last ditch survival technique", meant only for very close quarters. Of course, such a scenario would require a certain amount of suspension of disbelief; who would walk around with a cartridge taped to his Red Ryder's muzzle? Now, I hasten to add that even at the tender age of 17, one thought occurred to me at that moment: This whole idea sounded like a monumentally stupid thing to try, not to mention blatantly unsafe. A BB or pellet hitting a primer with enough power to set it off certainly sounds plausible. It seems to me that with no barrel for the round to travel through, it wouldn't have the same velocity or accuracy that would be in effect if properly fired from an appropriate gun. I knew enough back then to never attempt such a thing, and I still do. But, I am curious enough to pose the questions here: IF some idiot actually tried this, what do you think would happen? At close quarters, what do you suppose would happen to the hypothetical shooter, his hypothetical BB gun, and the hypothetical attacker?
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