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Thank you guys for all this information. I have done some more research on this and have found that flame cutting appears with just about any magnum load. So now that I am aware of this and aware that my own gun has some flaame cutting already (being used for 10 years) that I will shoot only a few rounds. My .357 in 6 inch will never see any carry duty I just wanted to " shoot the fire out of it" Thank you guys I have researched much more on the flame cutting issue than before.

Although I still find it curious as to why a heavier bullet is a better combatant against this than a lighter bullet

Maybe because of the bullet itself isn't as long (flame cutting due to the forcing cone issue) as a 158 grain bullet thus [roducing more muzzle flash, sound and recoil (from what i've read)

Which is why im curoious, but at the same time makes sense.

Overthinking.. Go figure Hah!
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