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Gun-altered reality

Perhaps I've been spending too much time on here... my wife sometimes thinks so. Perhaps I'm getting too absorbed in this sporting pursuit, but it seems that since I started shooting my view of reality has altered.

Now I don't mean that I view all and sundry with suspicion, nor do I assess every passing granny to see if she has any tell-tale printing at 4 o'clock. I mean the subconscious things which makes it altogether more worrying.

Had a later start the other day. After a shower I came back to the bedroom and saw the time. 19 minutes past 9. Except that is not what I saw. I saw 9:19, which translated to 9x19 and then onto 9mm Luger, my comp calibre.

Then come car numberplates. Over here they are 3 digits and 3 letters. I find myself doing double takes when I see registrations that start with 308, 223, 044 and so on. I almost expect the rest of the plates to read WIN, REM or MAG.

Do I need help?
Are you in the same boat?
Is there any hope at all?
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