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I don't own one but have handled several in both calibers. I am generally impressed.

I know of only one problem: one early "batch" (whatever number that is) of the 38 variant seems to have slipped out with a bad heat-treat on the frame. This caused severe flame cutting on the topstrap above the barrel.

Ruger took care of all the affected guns 100% on their own dime.

I know of no fundamental flaws with the design in either caliber.

If I was buying one I'd go with the 357, because there's a number of very good "low powered 357 for light, short barreled gun" ammo types available now. Some are little more than warm 38+Ps but even the mildest give you ballistics as if you had a 5" barrel 38Spl and were shooting 38+P in it.
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