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Good ol Walmart

I wasnt sure where to put this as it has to do with AR's, Shotguns, and stupidity. Our walmart here sells black guns as well as shottys and rifles. I was just poking around in the gun accessories aisle and I overheard a conversation between the gun salesman and a man with his young son. After a while I caught on to what was going on. The salesman was trying to sell the man a 5.56 AR for home defense. The man asked the difference between the .22 LR AR and the .223 AR. The salesman said "There's not really a big difference. The caliber is about the same size. Either will be a perfect family gun for home defense." So I had to be a buttinski and interrupt. I said first of all there is a massive difference between a 5.56 NATO round and a .22 LR round. I explained the differences then I asked to be sure if he's ever had a gun. He said no but he needed one for home defense. Long story short I pointed him towards a classic $250 Remy 870 12 gauge over the $900 5.56 AR. The Walmart salesman seemed to be unphased by my interruption and change of direction. This leaves me with the question: Do you need any training or gun knowledge whatsoever to work the gun counter at walmart?
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