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"First world problem" had me rolling at my desk. Very true, SGT. Very true.

Your analogy of the sports sedan is very insightful. Thank you. Trade off indeed. I really like the durability of those Ruger Sixes but they're all 4 inchers. The M65-3 is a 3" and that really sells it for me.

MLeake, thank you for the details on the exposed ejector. That puts my mind at ease.

::Sigh:: You guys know what's probably going to happen, right? :\ I 'm probably going to get the M65-3 first and then save up for the Ruger Security Six if it's still availabe. Actually, it's more of just a question of which comes first.

Although, question: anyone know of a website where I can get a replacement hammer for the Security Six? The fact that it's slightly bobbed bugs me. I know parts are hard to come by but I'm hoping they're out there, maybe as new-old stock.
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