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I REALLY wish that S&W 65-3 was capable of a steady diet of .357. I like having a gun that is more powerful than what I need because I don't believe in spending what money I have on something with limited capabilities, even if I'm not going to use it to its fullest extent that much
As in all things in life, its a tradeoff. I love the 3" 65. Carry one quite a bit and, shoot it pretty often. I generally practice with .38 Special or, with the Bitteroot Valley .357 Magnum 158 GR SWC. Its doing about 1000 FPS. A good solid load that doesn't beat my hands up.

Think of a K frame as a nice sports sedan. Its generally quite agreeable, easy to handle, nimble and fun to own. Usually, you drive it fairly normal, but, its capable of 130 MPH and, its fun to stomp the gas every once in a while. But, if you drove it, all day everyday maxed out and regularly doing 130 on the freeway, chances are, its not going to hold up as well, or as long, until major repairs are needed.

The 3 inch 65 is a great gun, for what it is. You can buy a nice old Highway Patrolman and shoot full house Magnums until you run out of money, but, it sure ain't as easy to to tote around all day.

They are all great guns. This is the definition of a "First world problem."
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