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I own a Makarov and a PPK.

The Makarov is extremely reliable. I've never had the slightest hiccup with it, even when trying out weak grips, etc. Recoil is not bad because of the heavy slide. Looks nice, classic design. Belt and suspenders safety is reassuring (decocking safety+DA pull). SA trigger not bad. Fairly narrow with original grips. The easiest pistol I've ever detail stripped.

Negatives: Double action pull is bad. Heavy and unsteady (detail strip and you'll see why!) I don't like the sights for targeting or for their snag-abilty. A lot of sharp edges, especially the safety. Heavy for size.

PPK (Interarms): Nice SA trigger. Slim. Better sights and finish than the Mak. Same safety as Mak, if you consider that a plus. Most concealable of all the guns you've listed.

Neg: Another lousy DA pull - feels like lifting something from the wrong end of a lever (because you are). Less comfortable to shoot than the Mak - snappy, grip bites into hand webbing a bit. Very picky with bullet shapes. Serious feeding problems on some rounds. Overall less reliable.

Of the guns you've listed I'd probably take the Sig first if I was offered one but they all have some merit. The PPK is probably the only one you could pocket easily. I like the history and reliability of the utilitarian commie guns but knowing what I know now (weight, worries about finish) they wouldn't be my first carry choice. You probably need to figure out what you want most. CCW? Range toy? Car gun?

If you're not going to carry you might do well to consider the CZ82. Highest capacity and very comfortable grip. Or, if you want to stay in the caliber range and don't mind going slightly bigger, the Beretta 84/85 is a superb gun that is a total pleasure to shoot.
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