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Below is a video of a man getting shot in the abdomen with a .38 Special 158 grain lead round nose, standard velocity. It looks like it hurt and it was a fatal injury.

Lee Harvey Oswald Assassination

I don't want to get hit with a .22 either. A .22 lr could hit someone in the chest and go through the heart, or hit the spine and drop them in their tracks. From just the physical effect. Conversely, as most all of us know, some individuals have absorbed multiple hits of much larger rounds, that missed the vitals and they kept going. Each handgun shooting is a unique event and there are several different reactions that are possible after the projectile hits. The shooting has to actually happen, to find out how that individual shot/shot at person will react. No mathematical model can predict it either.

...but yeah the .38 Special 158 grain LRN(Lead Round Nose) is the weakest, most ineffective .38 Special SD loading. Thats why I don't carry it.
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