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How Strange on the box color diemma. My older Gold Medal Match primers came in a predominantly white box with a small dark blue corner slash ( just checked ) and my newer ones are in a red box. They moved the reference word "match" around a bit between the boxes as did the word Gold Medal. On the white box it is written into the primer description and on the red box it is stamped on the partial picture of a shotgun hull. Go figger that !!! A shotgun hull on a rifle primer box. The only federal primers I ever saw in a lite blue box during the reloading famine were for shotguns. I had my eyes peeled 24/7 in the 1/2 dozen retail outlets between the town I lived in and where I worked reading ALL primer lables closely as I was pretty near clear out . Curious if on those lite blue boxes if all the primer data is on just the ends of the trays ? It may be Federal was short on more than just primers when they went back into production for the publiic and one " lite blue sleeve" covered all and just the tray ends were different
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