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These particular burglars, I can practically guarantee, are NOT looking for a violent encounter...
As should be abundantly obvious by now, neither am I. But it would be a tremendous error for someone to assume that because I am not looking for a violent encounter that I am also unprepared for one.

In the same vein, while I'm sure that the burglars in question do not want to encounter anyone, it would be a mistake to assume that just because they want to avoid danger that they're unprepared to deal with it if it does come their way.
In 2011, it was about 386 per 100,000 people. That's a 0.38% chance.
That's across the whole country. Some areas have rates that are much higher, and at least one city in the U.S. has a violent crime rate over 2%.

Besides, while the chance of being a violent crime victim in any given year may be low, the odds get worse when one considers that most of us will live several decades. Finally, in spite of the low odds, people are the victims of violent crime every day. By all accounts it's a thin consolation for violent crime victims to realize that what happened to them was very unlikely.

More to the point, the fact that it is unlikely doesn't mean that we shouldn't take steps to make it even LESS likely if we can. In fact, if you look at any LE anti-crime information, it's heavily oriented towards preventing crime--primarily by educating people how to take steps to make themselves less attractive victims.
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