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I usually run 4 or 5 cases through the resizing, priming, and flaring operation, then pull them out and set them aside to replace the case in the priming station when you run out of primers, this keeps the shell plate balanced as far as deflection goes and doesn't mess with you over all length of the loaded round.

You should have gotten a white fibreglass rod with your press, it goes in the primer tube on the press to hold weight down on the primers. I put a flag on mine to show me when I'm about to run out.

I would also recomend buying about 4 more primer pick up tubes of what ever size you will use the most.

I honestly have had no problems with the primer mechanism at all. I have found that if you don't get all the tumbling media out of the cases that it will find the whole that the primer slide runs forward in and can keep it from coming into the shell plate far enough to line up the primer with the case. Your first impulse will be to force the handle more but don't do it. You can bend the cam rod out of place. Take the time to clear the jam and see what caused it. Media and powder in front of the slide are the usual cause.

I don't use a powder check die since I can see the powder in the case with no problem so someone else will have to help you with the lockout die.

You'll find that you will get more shells loaded with a slower, steady rythm than you will by cycling it to fast.

just some ideas. hope they help.

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