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You can reload, you get 700H cases from me, I got dies,
jacketed bullets can gotten 2 to 4 bucks each.
700H 3.25" cases $5 and can be reloaded forever.Main cost
is the bullets.

First is picture of the 8ga Falling Block with texturized paint finish
on the stock. It enhances the grip quite a bit on hard recoil guns.

Second is the Greener that I have my 585 HE in.Also have
12ga barrel for it..

Third is Magtech singleshot action that I'm experimenting
with putting on a thumbhole stock.

Fourth are the long bmg bulleted blank cases that I found, to use to
make my 700HE Long case, 4.27" long. I have few extra sets of
five in links like shown, extra to sell 5 at a time in links,
if some need them for their collections, etc... Ed

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