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L Killkenny, I appreciate the warning... of course, it did come late. If I'd read that earlier, it would have given me pause. But you still have made me think about it....

Here's where I am. I first got into guns for one main reason, to be able to better protect my family. And as it turns out, I do like to shoot the gun(s) too. Which so far is always at an indoor range. While I would like to have friends with farms where we could shoot pumpkins or whatever, right now that's not going on.

I do lots of stuff outdoors, but mostly it's hiking and canoeing. I'm not riding around on a horse. So I don't think I'd be taking my GP100 outside a whole lot, no matter what kind of action it had, unless to walk the dog at night.

When people talk about the marvels of being able to shoot SA, I'm sure they know what they're talking about, even if I don't really do it. So I don't think I've lost 90%, in my situation I've retained 90% and don't have to worry about the hammer causing any defense-scenerio problems.

As an aside, I've noticed that this gun's trigger stages really nicely just before it lets the hammer drop... I'm interested to see if this will mean I can effectively get of some more hair-trigger shots when I want to.

Thanks for your advice though, it's definately been food for thought.
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