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Propellant will burn to detonation. I replaced the CDR of the 45th EOD Ft Polk after he learned that the hard way.

He exceeded the range limit by about 9,900 pounds. Burning the same type propellant. The blast wave traveled down a valley and struck the CGs office just as he was having his morning cup of coffee. We never knew which upset the 2 Star more, the imploding window or the hot coffee in his lap.

Due to some fast footwork the Cpt's career was saved.

On a more serious note: The facility is one of 2 or three which were licensed by the EPA to receive, store and treat propellant and explosives. Unfortunately, they accepted more than they could treat.

This only one of many examples were the EPA and the greens have increased the hazard to the public in the name of the Environment and safety of the populace.
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