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I am going to have to take exception to all posters who envision staying in a bedroom at the top of the stairs is advantageous to confronting the bg on the stairway.

That is NOT a good decision, . . . in fact, . . . it is a very poor one.
Correct !

The fact that the bg is ascending the stairs means he is coming after you, and your family.

Waiting until he is on your level, . . . exposes the whole family to his gunfire.
Correct Again !

Your objective is not to win a battle, but to avoid it if possible, while keeping the family safe.
THIS ^^ Is where our opinions differ; Once someone has entered my home illegally, he has just become two things simultaneously: 1. A Threat, and 2. An Adversary (Target, Enemy,etc.) To think less would be foolish. There is a line to be drawn, the question is where ? If I can defend my family from a forward position, that offers me the advantages of cover, concealment, and the high ground advantage, along with my being able to be a moving, active shooter, That gives me many more tactical advantages than making a "last stand" type defense.

I believe it is universally accepted that doorways, and especially stairways are really bad places 'funnels' to have to pass through when clearing a house. If everyone is upstairs and safe, why not put that 'funnel' to your advantage by using it against your invader?

The last place I would want to be is ascending a stairway with an armed opponent at the top. He would have the advantage of some cover and concealment, elevation, and reward mobility. I would be stuck with almost no good mobility or cover.

If you are cowering in a bedroom, huddled up with your entire family, gun pointed at the door, you have: A. NO Idea how many threats await to enter the room. B. NO clear sight picture of the threat until he/they are already upon you. C. NO way to retreat the entire family in most cases. and D. EVERYONE in the "line of fire" in one spot. Your singular tactical advantage disappears as soon as the door opens.

Make no mistake, when your home is invaded, It is already a battle for survival, and one I plan to use every tactical advantage to win.

They might be advisable if your objective were to engage the intruder while putting yourself at risk to do so, but that is not the objective of home defense.
I believe you take the threat of someone in your home much more lightly than I do.

Yet the experts are virtually unanimous in recommending going to a saferoom.
Really ? Let's see:

I've cleared more houses than I care to recall during my 20+ year LE career and the stairway (like a doorway) is a fatal funnel. Easiest and best to stop the threat there.

FWIW: those are the tactics learned as an 11B40, . . . light infantry platoon sergeant, . . . they work for our men in the sandbox, . . . they'll work for us at home.

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