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Yeah, that's exactly what the slingshot method is. The problem with using the slide stop as a slide release is that it's easy to miss it under stress, if your hands are sweaty or greasy, or if you're wearing gloves. Also, every gun is a little bit different so using the slide stop as a release requires a slightly different technique with every gun.

In my opinion the only good slide stops are ones that are small and hard to reach because the shooter is much less likely to accidentally hold it down while shooting and prevent the slide from locking back on the last shot. Or worse, they could accidentally hit it up when shooting and cause the slide to prematurely lock back.

And I was about to suggest you stick with the threaded barrel so you can use a suppressor, but then I saw you live in a state where they aren't legal. Though if you ever plan on moving, keep in mind that they're legal in 39 other states.
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