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What author? There isn't one

Originally Posted by gary24153
Book question
I see multiple books titled ABC's of Reloading, what author do you suggest?
The ABC's of Reloading is a compilation of articles written by many different authors and assembled by editors. Over the years, the editors changed and the authors, of course, are a wide variety. That is one of the great things about "this" (these?) book. You get to read a variety of different writing styles and if you find one the particularly "speaks" to you find other books or articles written by that person. Also, some people write emphasizing some areas of reloading and covering others only lightly. This difference in attention paid is more relevant to the question, "Is one manual enough?" The real question, though, is, "Is there any number of manuals that is too many?"

But the first one should be The ABC's of Reloading. (My opinion) Virtually all manuals have their early chapters devoted to "How to Reload", though, so if you can't find "ABC's", don't wait. I like Lyman's, but any will do to start.

Thanks for asking our advice and welcome to the forum.

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